Concrete Crack Repair

Minor cracks can allow water and chemical infiltration that turn a small problem into a catastrophe. Years ago, many contractors sided with mudjacking when it came to concrete crack repair. But this technique is invasive, messy, and provides just a short-term fix. At McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration in Denver, we only use epoxy injection urethane grout injection. Our annual inspection and maintenance programs allow our experienced concrete specialists to identify and repair what seems like innocent little cracks before they can do more damage. In terms of costs and preserving your facility, concrete crack repair is a must.

Unmatched Concrete Solutions

Concrete issues are impossible to ignore forever. That’s why it’s so important to team with an experienced contractor. The reality, though, is that not all concrete repair companies are the same. In fact, the majority implement a band-aid approach that simply masks the problem. You don’t have to worry about that with McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration. Since 1999, residents throughout the Denver metro area have relied on us for proven, long-term concrete solutions. You can feel comfortable knowing that we understand the dynamics and conditions of concrete better than anyone. Coupled with the best technology and experience, it’s no wonder that so many folks in Colorado choose us.

Going the Extra Mile with Repair and Restoration

Locally owned and operated, we truly care about our clients and their projects. That’s why we place such an emphasis on innovative communication and client satisfaction. We believe that keeping business owners and managers in the loop as much as possible can make a world of difference. Our Daily Project E-report plays a key part in our communication efforts at McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration. Delivered electronically to our clients every day, this provides information regarding personnel, ambient/surface temperatures, work completed, and what’s on deck. We’ve found that these reports are essential to a well-run project from start to finish.

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