Concrete Protection

A lot of folks don’t realize that high traffic areas and parking decks are exposed to many chemical and environmental impacts that can shorten their service life. The proper concrete protection, though, essentially adds a coat of armor to these surfaces. At McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration, our concrete protection consists of urethane and silicone caulking, as well as epoxy, urethane, and methacrylate coatings. Just one application can go a long way in ensuring that your surface not only lasts through the years but also looks incredible.

Reinforcing Concrete Solutions in Denver

It’s unfortunate to see so many concrete contractors providing “band-aid” services to clients. What we mean by this is that rather than get to the core of the issue, local companies are simply masking the issue. Far too often, a concrete repair looks fine initially only to fail just months later. Not only is this frustrating for property managers, but it’s also expensive. At McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration, we don’t believe in putting lipstick on a pig. That’s why we focus on long-term solutions with regard to concrete repair and restoration. As industry leaders, we understand the dynamics and conditions of concrete better than anybody. Plus, we only use the most reliable, innovative technology during projects. It all comes together to result in quality work that actually saves clients money over that band-aid approach.

More than the Average Concrete Services

Our core values consist of honesty, friendliness, and quality. Regardless of project size, we always come back to those and clients see it reflected in our work. Since 1999, McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration has been regarded as one of the top concrete contractors in Colorado. From commercial repairs to significant waterproofing challenges, our team can handle the project effectively from start to finish.

If you’re interested in concrete protection for your surface, give us a call today.