Concrete Strengthening

Concrete has been used in construction as far back as the Roman times. However, the techniques and technologies have drastically changed since. At McDonald Waterproofing and Restoration, we are constantly researching new and innovative technologies to better serve our clients. Concrete strengthening is one of those. Concrete strengthening involves carbon fiber systems and engineered steel bracing that help our team come up with solutions for challenging structural component repairs.

Long-Term Concrete Solutions

Unfortunately, many concrete contractors today utilize a band-aid approach with projects. Rather than get to the root of the issue, companies are cutting corners and masking the problem in the process. That’s not how we conduct business at McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration. We focus on doing things right, understanding the dynamics and conditions, and then applying the best concrete services. The result is a long-term solution that can actually save clients money over a band-aid approach.

Award-Winning Concrete Restoration

For nearly two decades, our concrete specialists have been regarded as the best in the state of Colorado. Locally owned and operated, we do so much more than just fix concrete. We’re proud to be an industry leader, taking pride in our reputation for unmatched communication client satisfaction. Part of what separates us from the competition is that we create and deliver a Daily Project E-Report that allows owners and managers to stay up to date with their project. From project status to details, the report provides an invaluable asset to everyone involved.

If you’re in need of concrete strengthening, you’ve come to the right place. You can feel comfortable knowing that our core values consist of honesty, friendliness, and quality. So don’t just hire any concrete contractor. Instead, a team with one that’s been reinforcing concrete solutions since 1999.  

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