Horizontal Waterproofing

Do you have leaking plaza decks, walkways, or planters on your premises? Horizontal waterproofing can be the long-term fix you need. Using liquid and sheet-good applications, the experts at McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration will put an end to all that leaking. In no time, your outdoor spaces will be back to looking beautiful and professional.

A Concrete Contractor You Can Trust

These days, it can be difficult to trust a specialty contracting firm. It’s even trickier when it’s concrete specialists who are involved. The reality is that many concrete repair companies take a “band-aid” approach to their work. What this means is that they essentially take the easy way out, rushing through a job as quickly as possible. The result may look fine for a few months, only to fail soon after. Our team at McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration never takes a “band-aid” or “good enough for now” type of approach. Locally owned and operated since 1999, we’re committed to finding long term solutions to the concrete restoration and repair issues of those throughout the Denver area. As industry leaders, we do things the right way. Each of our team members understands the dynamics and conditions of concrete. Not to mention, we apply the best technology to make certain that our clients receive the highest quality of work. By investing in a reputable concrete contractor, you’re saving unnecessary expenses in the long run.

What Sets Us Apart

In major concrete restoration and waterproofing projects, communication often gets brushed aside. But at McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration, it’s our communication that clients appreciate. Let’s look at our Daily Project E-report, for example. Delivered electronically to our clients every day, this report provides valuable project updates regarding personnel, ambient and surface temperatures, work completed, and work that’s on the agenda. This allows owners and managers to get an accurate snapshot of the project, even if they’re remote. No other concrete repair contractor in the region does something similar for their clients.


We believe that Colorado residents shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than a firm that’s honest, friendly, and quality-driven. Call us today for horizontal waterproofing.