Post Tension Concrete

Post-tensioning can be used for repairs, modification, and strengthening of reinforced concrete and post-tensioned structures. For property managers, it can be concerning when the post-tensioning in a PT slab is corroded or damaged. Luckily for you, we have the expertise to do the necessary repairs and bring the slab back to its full potential. Post tension concrete is just one of the many concrete solutions our team specializes in.

Denver’s Choice for Concrete Waterproofing and Restoration

Whether it’s post-tensioning or something else, concrete issues are anything but fun. In today’s industry, many concrete contractors choose the easy way and take a “band-aid” approach. Too often these concrete repairs look just fine right after completion only to fail just a few months later. At McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration, we get the core of the problem. Our experienced team not only understands the dynamics and conditions of concrete but also applies the best technology in coming up with a long-term solution. We strive to provide our clients with elite concrete services that actually save clients money over a temporary approach. That mindset hasn’t wavered since the company was founded in 1999. Though we deal primarily in parking structure repair, our contractors can perform the majority of commercial repairs and waterproofing dilemmas.

What Makes Us Different?

It’s the little things that set our concrete repair team apart from the competition. Because we’ve called Colorado home for decades, we take pride in our innovative communication and high client satisfaction. A good deal of our communication stems from our Daily Project E-report which is delivered electronically to clients to provide them with project updates. The purpose of this is to provide owners and managers with a snapshot of how everything is coming along. It’s perfect for those who are remote. A Daily E-report may consist of personnel information, ambient and surface temperatures, work completed, and tasks that are coming up. McDonald Waterproofing & Restoration is proud to say that we are the lone contractor in the region who provides this type of client communication.   


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