At McDonald Waterproofing and Restoration we focus on solutions that deliver the best possible outcome in the most cost effective manner. Our “no band aid” motto speaks to our focus on long term solutions to your concrete restoration and repair problems. Too often a concrete repair looks just fine right after it’s completed only to fail mere months later. Doing it right, understanding the dynamics and conditions and applying the best technology and experience allows McDonald Waterproofing and Restoration to provide our clients with concrete services that in the end actually save them money over the band aid approach.

Concrete strengthening with carbon fiber systems and engineered steel bracing.

Concrete has been used in construction since Roman times but the techniques and technologies have changed drastically since those days. At McDonald Waterproofing and Restoration, we are constantly researching new and innovative technologies to better serve our clients. Carbon Fiber Systems and Engineered Steel Bracing are just two of the advances that we routinely incorporate into challenging structural component repairs.

Concrete repair with partial and full depth replacement using polymer modified repair mortars.

Understanding that the devil is in the details, or in this case the surface preparation, McDonald Waterproofing and Restoration takes the extra steps up front that ensure our repairs and resurfacing projects won’t just look good, they will last.

Concrete crack repair using epoxy injection and urethane grout injection.

Minor cracks can allow water and chemical infiltration that turn small issues into big problems. Our annual inspection and maintenance programs allow us to identify and repair these before they can do more damage. A stitch in time saves nine when it comes to costs and preserving your facility.

Concrete protection with urethane and silicone caulking and epoxy, urethane and methacrylate coatings.

High traffic areas and parking decks are exposed to many chemical and environmental impacts that can shorten their service life. These protection systems, when correctly applied, add a coat of armor to your concrete surfaces.

Structural Sealant Repairs include wet sealing window perimeters with silicone sealants.

Constant exposure to the elements leads to sealant failure. Our experience with structural waterproofing ensures we can solve your leaking problems.

Horizontal Waterproofing liquid and sheet-good applications.

We can fix your leaking Plaza decks, walkways, and planters.

Post tensioning can be used for repairs, modification, and strengthening of reinforced concrete and post-tensioned structures. Our team specializes in solutions that help meet your needs. When the post tensioning in a PT slab is corroded or damaged, we have the expertise to do the necessary repairs and bring the slab back to its full potential.

In-Ground Vault Repair and Remediation

Installation of Roof Anchors and Fall Protection Systems

Set and Grout Process Equipment Skids & Tanks